*Guided Meditation DJ Set

A live DJ Set, featuring organic, analogue and digital sounds, sacred mantras and beats that invite you to come into a meditative dance state. During the set, we conduct a meditation that deliberately guides the audience into another world. The participants are guided by the voice to slowly move and connect without speaking - body language. This musical meditation is guided with live played instruments as well, such as grand piano, guitar, cello, violin, shruti box, vocal lyric etc... Come with an open mind and a body ready to move and let's flow together.

Soneiro Collective 

We are Soneiro Collective. A berlin based project holding and hosting sessions that fusion art and consciousness. Sonido- spanish word for sound and Oneiro the ancient greek archetype of the dream, creates the name SONEIRO. In Soneiros ceremonies and circles the everyday life consciousness travels into higher realms weaved out of soundmandalas and dreamscapes. Through Yoga, Meditation, Sound and artistic mindfullness practices the journey unfolds.