*Casa Cacao Ceremony

Together we gather in a circle. Sharing Cacao medecine to connect us from the heart and go together in an inner journey. As this year is the 7th anniversary of Agape Zoe, we invite the medicine of the number 7, of the 7 year cycles.
Sofia takes you on a sound journey to connect to the pearl(s) within you.
All are welcome.
(If you bring your child they should manage to stay calm for the guided meditation and sound journey to allow all to dive deep within.)
Bring Yoga mat & something to sit on & a little blanket/pancho to cover yourself for the relaxation.
An object you wanna charge at the Altar as well as your own bottle of water.
Sofia is a multi disciplinary artist, born in Paris with roots from Italy & Scandinavia.
7 years ago she created Casa Cacao space in Berlin. She is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, working with sound and birth healing. She opens and creates space to connect people to themselves and others with simplicity and joy.