*Sacred Spirit of Sound: A mystical Journey

Feel welcome to a workshop of meditation, consciousness rising & exploration. Sonic Live Sounds&Gong Bath and Singing Circle. Guided with Poetry, Live music, meditation, singing, intuitive chanting from the Heart. 
You are invited to a beautiful Voyage in the Middle Earth, beyond and in between.
Awakening & connecting to the Sacredness within.

All Consciousness seekers, Sound Weavers & Singing Birds

Simon Debonnaire works with rhythm, sound, music and meditation. He believes that sounds have the ability and power to extend the boundaries and limits of the Mind. With a holistic, meditative and sacred approach, in goodwill intention, it opens the Heart to a compassionate, more sensitive and grounded aspects of ourselves. It allows us to journey at the inter-dimensional and cellular level so that we all have the natural ability to heal ourselves. Beyond words and intellect, it s a way of communication, spreading and expanding the energy. Simon holds sacred cacao ceremonies in London, Kho Phangan (Thailand), Berlin, at European festivals and holistic gatherings. He also holds sound journeys, meditation workshops and co-create & co-facilitate Conscious wellness Festivals & holistic workshops

Please bring Yoga mat, Blanket, water