*Medicine Songs & Singing Circle

Welcome to a workshop where we sing, explore and connect to the songs & melodies of our Heart and Soul. We sing together using our intuition and creativity in circle and sacred space.
I also share with you Medicine Songs & Mantras coming from my Earth & Heart Tribe Terra Mirim.
Singing together is such a wonderful & healing tool! And I am very happy to open this space for you and look forward to meeting you in the circle.

Everybody who feels the call is invited.

Simon Debonnaire is a body worker, musician, vocal therapist, visionary poet & short novelist. Walking the shamanic path, he always works with the idea of ​​creating a sacred and safe space for those who wish to dive deep within themselves. He is a student of Brazilian Shamans Alba Maria (XamAM) and Dhan Ribeiro of the Terra Mirim Community, following the lineage of the Mother Goddess. He holds shamanic circles, urban rituals, authentic voice and singing circle, sound journeys and meditation workshops. And co-creates Wellness, Spiritual and Shamanic Gatherings & Festivals.

Please bring:
Shamanic drum, Rattles, Shakers, water, yoga mat to sit on.