*Awaken the voice ∞ Authentic Voice & Therapeutic Singing Circle

AWAKEN THE VOICE is a workshop where in Sacred Circle we meet. To share, to create, to explore, to celebrate, to make space and to sing together. We also connect to the 4 Elements through the sharing of our natural music, sound, poetry and creativity. Holding space and supporting one another. So many hidden treasures & gifts reside within yourself. Your Voice is one of them. This workshop is about (re)discovering your own Songs, your own Music & Melodies and natural abilities to sing and co-create beauty. Being together in Sacred Space.

Simon Debonnaire is a body worker, musician, short novelist and visionary poet. He works with drumming, sound, music and meditation and always work with the idea of creating a safe and sacred space for the ones who are willing to dive deep within themselves. He is the student of Brazilian Master Shamans Alba Maria (XamAM) & Dhan Ribeiro from Terra Mirim Community and following the Mother Goddess lineage.
He holds Shamanic Circles, Authentic Voice & Singing Workshops, Sound Journeys & Meditations. And Co-create Shamanic Gatherings, Sacred Cacao & Conscious Wellness Festivals.

Please bring:
* Blanket to sit on.
* Shamanic Drum (It s a very important tool. If you have one, please bring it)
* Rattles, Shakers
* A Power Object to put on the Community Altar (you´ll take it back at the end)
* Water