*Tantra LoveWay- Shiva&Shakti-Divine Union

Shivani & Tantra LoveWay invites you to experience the Sacred Feminine embodied by Shakti & the Sacred Masculine embodied by Shiva, through a Tantric Energy & Meditation workshop. Acknowledging and honoring the Goddess and the God, within every woman and every man, we can overcome polarities and become ONE. When masculine and feminine merge within our hearts, we become more awaken to the truth and presence  of who we really are,  we can feel the Divine Union in our hearts. We can Expand as ONE Love, one consciousness. We become one soul in one Cosmic Union.

Through Tantra & LoveWay Meditations, breathing techniques, psycho-body therapies, movement, shaking and dancing, stuck emotions and energy will be released, giving more space to states of freedom, peace, presence, consciousness and openness to Love.  You will be guided into the flow, connection and alignment of your own Tantric heart energy. You can experience a new way of living love, mastering and celebrating your life and the Tantric Divine/ Cosmic union.

With this Tantra LoveWay workshop, Shivani and team invite you to open your heart to Tantra, the science of Love, to fully embody your energy, your spirit and the inner divine union of male and female polarities.
Join us if you want to feel more love, more consciousness and freedom, to improve relationships, acceptance and truthfull communication, to be more open for love, to be more stable and secure about yourself, to peel off some hardness and stiff emotions. Love is all we need.

Shivani - founder of Lifemastery & Loveway. She is a psycho-body therapist, a spiritual teacher, leading workshops worldwide from Meditation, Tantra, Life, Love & Energy Mastery to Cacao & Natural medicinal plant ceremonies. She also gives private sessions of LoveWay (Holistic Therapy, Love Coaching and Tantra for individuals or couples, relationships) and LifeMastery Coaching (energy /emotions/ trauma release/open up to your full potential)
Shivani hosts Ecstatic Dance and  Holistic/Holiday Retreats  in Ericeira and Sesimbra, Portugal.  She has a Law degree, worked in Consulting and corporate before shifting to her spiritual path.

She had trainings over the last 15 years in Portugal, Europe (Osho centers), USA, Brasil, Osheanic International (Brasil) and India at OSHO Multiversity Puna and Dharamsala, in several areas from Yoga, Tantra, Breathing and Meditation Techniques, Quantum Healing, Chakras Alignment, Body Therapies, Rebirthing, Lowen Bioenergetics, Shamanism, Energy Reading and Healing, Coaching (Tony Robbins).

Please bring comfortable, light clothes & water to drink. And a Yoga Mat.


Raphael combines traditional Hatha Yoga elements with dynamic Ashtanga Asanas and deep relaxation techniques. He offers his students profound and effective practices for gaining physical and mental strength, releasing tension to tender the body, freeing the mind from old thinking patterns and developing a healthy mindset.

Art/ Yoga/ Meditation co-teacher @ Lifemastery & LoveWay - Holistic Retreats & Ecstatic Dance in Portugal