*Beyond Experience - How to integrate psychedelic experiences for long term benefits

BEYOND EXPERIENCE is a course on psychedelic integration. Integrating psychedelic experiences and connecting the insights gained with your everyday life is a multi-faceted endeavor. In this course, we are utilizing many different modalities, such as trance journeys, biographical work, values-based exercises, creative expression, meditation and body work.
This introduction will be a condensed integration journey, providing hands-on exercises and theoretical background for psychedelic integration work.

This workshop is for everyone, be they professionals wanting to deepen their understanding or people looking to learn more about themselves and the world.

Sergio Pérez works as a medical doctor at OVID Health Systems and as MIND Academy director at the MIND Foundation. He´s a certified Beyond Experience Facilitator and Neuromeditation Instructor. Currently, he is training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.
All you need is an open mind