*Cacao Mama & Casa Cacao · Cacao Ceremony

Hello, we are Serap and Sofia and we welcome you! We will drink a cup of ceremonial cacao together, bring our hearts in one beat and rhythm, and invite Mama Cacao into our circle. Journey with us into the depths of the heart and open your consciousness into all that is to connect with the invisible harmony that surrounds us.

© Grit Siwonia

Serap Kara is medicine woman, earth guardian, teacher and the founder of Cacao Mama and the Earth School. Serap has founded Cacao Mama & the Earth School to create an altar, a sanctuary and a sacred space for people to remember their intimate and sacred relationship with themselves and the Earth Mother. Serap offers ceremonies, workshops and in-depth seminars to guide souls to deepen their love for plant medicines, tap into the natural wisdom of sacred healing arts, calibrate the gateways of intuition and feel the cosmic rhythm of the Earth Mother. Rooted in the old ways of the Anatolian people, she believes that the lineages connect, remembering us to unite, to become one united rhythm and reconnect with the invisible harmony that surrounds us. Serap lives in Berlin and Italy.




© Grit Siwonia

The creator of Casa Cacao, Sofia is a multi disciplinary artist, born in Paris with roots from Italy, Finland, Belgium & Sweden. She studied Arts for Public Space in La Sorbonne. She creates installations on different supports, is photographer & video maker. Her healing arts practices include sound meditation, Theta healing and Kundalini yoga. Mother of a 8 year old daughter that is her best teacher. An experienced space holder for sacred cacao rituals, her sound journeys incorporate deep meditation practices accompanied with special healing instruments such as symphonic gong, rare ocean harp & shamanic drums. She also hosts women circles and red tent gatherings. Her passion is preparing delicious organic raw chocolates and bringing beautiful people together in her temple to enjoy its healing effects and the joy she has to offer.