*Cacao Ceremony

We will drink a cup of ceremonial cacao together, bring our hearts in one beat and rhythm, and invite the Cacao Mother and the Nature Spirits into our circle to give thanks to Pachamama for the gift of Ceremony. Journey with us into the space between all things to pray together and connect with the invisible sound harmony that is vibrating all around us.

© Grit Siwonia

Serap Kara is a medicine woman, earth guardian, teacher and the founder of Cacao Mama and the Earth School. In service to Pachamama and the Cacao Mother, she has helped to open the consciousness for the Cacao Spirit across the borders of Europe. Serap has shared the circle with people from all over the world and all walks of life in hundreds of ceremonies, medicine circles and learning experiences. She loves to create finely tuned spaces for people to connect root into trust and receive permission, so that we may remember our natural state of Spirit connection and the way of ceremony. Serap is currently based in Berlin. Serap offers ceremonies, workshops and in-depth seminars to guide souls to deepen their love for plant medicines, tap into the natural wisdom of sacred healing arts, calibrate the gateways of intuition and feel the cosmic rhythm of the Earth Mother.


© Grit Siwonia

Sofia Uguccioni, the creatress of Casa Cacao (2015), is a multi disciplinary artist, born in Paris with roots from Italy & Scandinavia. After 14 years living in Berlin, she moved, together with her 10 year-old daughter, to the lakeside, into the forrest in a little village in the beautiful Uckermark. So now it is Casa Cacao on land after a year of online! Sofia is an experienced space holder for sacred cacao rituals, her sound journeys incorporate deep meditation practices accompanied with special healing instruments such as symphonic gong, rare ocean harp, crystal pyramid, planetary tuned instruments & shamanic drums. Combining different tools she learned and practiced during the last 13 years, she is giving rebirthing sessions for any one wanting to understand and heal his/her inner child as well as his/her own birth. She is right now creating a space dedicated to this birth journeys.