*Cacao Mama Cacao Ceremony with Soundhealing by CA’RA

Hello, my name is Serap and I welcome you! When I met the Cacao Spirit ten years ago she shared with me: 'We want to be golden again'. This has been Cacao Mama's mission since the founding in Spring 2014 and I've helped to open the consciousness for the Spirit across the borders of Europe. I've shared the space with people from all over the world and all walks of life in hundreds of ceremonies, medicine circles and learning experiences. I love to create finely tuned spaces to root into trust and receive permission, so that we may remember our natural state of Spirit connection and the way of ceremony to be in service to a greater harmony.
Join me and Ca’Ra in circle, sound and meditation, to open to the green heart chakra of Mother Nature and receive ancient wisdom from the Spirit of Cacao.

Serap Kara is medicine woman, earth guardian, teacher and the founder of Cacao Mama and the Earth School. Serap has founded Cacao Mama & the Earth School to create an altar, a sanctuary and a sacred space for people to remember their intimate and sacred relationship with themselves and the Earth Mother. Serap offers ceremonies, workshops and in-depth seminars to guide souls to deepen their love for plant medicines, tap into the natural wisdom of sacred healing arts, calibrate the gateways of intuition and feel the cosmic rhythm of the Earth Mother. Rooted in the old ways of the Anatolian people, she believes that the lineages connect, remembering us to unite, to become one united rhythm and reconnect with the invisible harmony that surrounds us. Serap lives in Berlin and Italy.


CA’ RA multidisciplinary artist passionate about alchemy, cosmology, quantum-healing, human personology. A certified resonate sound practitioner creating intuitively unique sound balancing scent’n´touch therapy sound journeys for private or group sessions in and around Berlin under the name HARAHEALINGS. Her way of being fused with the love of nature, mysticism, eastern philosophy, deep interest in ancestral healing and the psyche of ones soul experience. Holding space comes naturally to her nature and together with the alchemy crystal tones singing bowls radiating a healing love source vibration that guides the heart to inspire the mind. Sound has the capacity to free ourselves from emotional blockages and eradicate physical tensions: melting into the sound waves releasing the need for control, we allow vibrations to infuse and regenerate our cells and stimulate our bioenergy (centres).