*Family Constellations

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that perhaps we cannot explain...
Most times it depends on our education, our cultural background, our family laws, our loyalty to them and our way to express and live unconditional love...
Our rank in the family, our influence and how we can receive (or not) everything from life, health, love, money and so on.
Our relations with our parents and with our ancestors allows us to feel in the right place, living our life fully...
Keeping the family "secrets" (even if we don't know them) brings us to repeat the same mistakes generation after generation...
Every family system looks forward to growing and surviving in order to bring light, balance and peace into the family.

For that purpose there exists the Family Constellations therapy to help obtain our goals, to heal our family relationships and to help our childrends and grandchildren to have an easier family life.
Family Constellations is considered an individual therapy that can be developed individually or in a group, bringing balance and helping every member of every participant family to a new dynamic relationship..
With Family Constellations you can work with any kind of argument, money, work, vocation, health, love, you family system, your dymanics with life and so on.

On this occasion we will see, feel and understand why and how it works in a theoretical and practical workshop.

● Morphic resonance
● Systemic structure of family constellations
● Personal and family dynamics
● Typical issues
● Personal and group experiences

This workshop is open to all. In particular to those who are interested or intrigued by the behavioral dynamics that are repeated or by the family entanglements we feel do not belong to us or the ways we would like to change in our lives

Santina Storni received Reiki more than fifteen years ago in Argentina where she immediately began her therapeutic activities which she now increases, improves and expands in different countries of the world where she travels and resides, among which are: Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico and Argentina.
As for her personal path, she did not find the “Guide” she wished for and, based on experience and “statistics”, created a deposit of knowledge as well as her personal language: “Sensitive Reiki®”.
She considers herself self-taught in Reiki and in all holistic areas she obtains great therapeutic results which she later transmits to a formative level.
Since 2009 she is dedicated to the creation, planning and presentation of specialized courses born out of her personal experience as well as creating Reiki courses at levels I, II and III.
In 2013 she founded her own Holistic School “FormAzione Reiki” in Italy. In 2014 she started her proyect of therapeutical instruction “La Biennale Reiki”, a specialization for therapists, a deepening of Reiki knowledge and other energetic techniques and their therapeutical applications.
Now she offers a full calender year of courses for Advanced Reiki and Subtle Energies in different cities of Europe.

You don't need anything in particular to participate in this workshop.
I only ask you to be punctual because the doors will be closed as the room is full. Thank you.