*Gongmeditation - Überlasse dich der Kraft des Gongs

 Sandra opens the space with a meditation through the chakras, to harmonize the energetic system.
then she will play the Gong and we embark on a magical journey into another dimension, letting boundaries inside and outside merge.
The spherical sounds of the gong make it possible to penetrate into far states of consciousness,the vibrations are clearly felt on a physical level ,the cell structure can be rearranged. The Gong can touch the core of your being and bring you to stillness and clarity. There is nothing for you to do -just be.born in a village in southwest Germany, traveling already in young years till now mostly in Asia, resident of Berlin since 25 years, Sandra calls herself a wandering root ...she raised her son all on her own and is doing her work with her full heart.
She holds Yoga retreats, is a massage and body therapist, does gong and sound journeys, waterworks and creates women circles.

Please bring warm socks, a comfortable mat and a cover