*Walk Your Self Home

One more abdominal experience coming to you and this time we will use the movement as our compass!
We understand our bodies through exploration and intended listening. They always have something to share with us, they need to be seen and to be heard.  In every part of them, there is a story that will tell us Who We Are and How We Live.
In the workshop, we will connect to our bodies through blindfolded-movement experience where we will focus especially on the abdominal area, sacrum, iliopsoas, legs and lower back and we will engage self- massage technique to go deeper.

The abdomen is one of the most trustworthy secrets keeper! If you would like to see what blocks your way physically and energetically, if you need answers about your digestion, constipation, memories and patterns that are stored in the abdominal area, your psoas and lower back, then this workshop is for you.

With 14 years of experience, Roula Papathanasiou travels the world offering healing sessions, retreats, and workshops. Many wonderful teachers have influenced her journey and helped her find herself, so she could share her wisdom with over 4000 people (recorded sessions till present day). She is facilitating people to witness their beauty and helps them to discover their self - healing ability and the connection with their sacred, divine self.

Was sollen die Teilnehmer mitbringen? Bring your own sleep face mask or let us hand you a clean one here and If it's more comfortable for you, please bring a yoga mat/ towel to lay down.