*Love your Belly, Release your stress

In this workshop we gain knowledge of how to take care of our bellies.
We explore the sacred and magical world of our internal organs and their connection to our emotions, thoughts, traumas and how they actually affect our everyday choices, followed by a hands-on experiential journey that will serve as your guide for more exploration at home. Knowledge combined with sensuality at its best.

This workshop is ideal for people who suffer from constipation, want to learn more about detoxification, to understand the connection between our 2./3. chakra and the apply of this knowledge into everyday life. You will learn to give love to your abdominal area and to relax yourself from stress.

Roula Papathanasiou is an experienced bodyworker with more than 2400 recorded sessions and 13 years of experience.
She is facilitating people to see their own beauty and helps them allowing their self -healing and the connection with their divine self.
She travels the world organizing seminars, retreats and giving private sessions. She is part of the organization team of several workshops in Corfu.