*Synchronicity: Spiritual Growth from Meaningful Coincidence

"The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand."  — Rumi.

Synchronicity bridges the Earthly and the divine, a snapshot of deeper truths beyond physical reality. This talk invites you to freely explore synchronicity as a powerful tool for guidance, purpose and meaning.

We'll explore synchronicity through the work of Carl Jung, ancient Eastern philosophy, Western esoteric traditions, and supportive theories from quantum physics (in simple terms!).

Includes guidance on:

- Using synchronicity for spiritual growth.
- Learning the language of the cosmic flow.
- Setting a skillful mindset.
- Overcoming common barriers.
- Journaling for integration.

This workshop is aimed at those who feel the instinctive pull of the unseen; those who have experienced the magic of synchronicity and would like to further cultivate in their lives, or those who are looking for permission to fully move into the experience of meaningful coincidence.

Most importantly is an open-mind and open-heart to explore this phenomenon without judgement of expectation.

I'm a writer, Spiritual Coach, and the creator of MindThatEgo.com. My experiences with depression led to a specialised interest in integrating spirituality to enhance mental health and to reach our fullest potential. I view mystical elements of experience as opportunities for profound growth, by transcending the ego, uncovering our true nature, and infusing a sense of wonder in our lives. I can be contacted at ricky@mindthatego.com

Please bring a journal to work through exercises.