*Spirit Matters! - Get a deeper understanding of Tesla´s „Energy, Frequency and Vibration" and learn the science of Sound Healing! (with Sound Healing Meditation)

Join Multi-Platinum Award Winning Music Producer, and certified MAX Meditation System™ Teacher Philipp Schardt and multi dimensional entrepreneur, Healer and International speaker Shani Lehrer, for an Inner Journey through epic Soundscapes combined with scientifically proven and beneficial Brainwave-Entrainment Frequencies. We are also going to talk about the keys why „Spirit Matters" and how to harness more of them more in our life and what are the means and the ways to do that.

You will explore with us: „Why is spirit, when we are aware of it and integrate it as an intrinsic part in our life, giving us the ability to have the power to live the life of our dreams and create abundance beyond anything that we´d ever imagined possible?

You will be able to LISTEN and experience how your Brain SOUNDS when it is stressed and also how it sounds when it is calm and at peace. This Workshop will provide you with Tools so you can effortlessly tap into that state of peace of mind every day.

The Workshop is for all people who want to effortlessly tap more into their greatness and highest potential through sound and ancient handed-down mystery school teachings.

Please bring a Journal and an open mind.

Philipp Schardt is a Multi-Platinum Award-Winning Music Producer, Workshop Author, Sound Alchemist & Meditation Teacher that has helped thousands of people around the world including Top Hollywood Actors, NFL Pro´s and Forbes Top 100 Entrepreneur´s to reach inner Peace, Clarity and more Confidence with his stress reducing Sound Meditations.






Shani Lehrer is a multi dimensional entrepreneur, Healer and International speaker with over 15 years of experience guiding thousands of individuals from all walks of life into living their deepest essence and greatest potential. Armed with cutting edge tools from the worlds of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Meta Physical Healing. Shani´s expertise will serve whoever crosses her path with the ability, to look deeper into their life and bridge the gap between where they are and where they truly can be.