*Hypnosis Sound Journey & Chakra Activation

This Workshop will introduce you to the principles of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. It will be a group hypnosis journey which guides you through each of your chakras vibration by providing the corresponding sound frequencies. Each frequency corresponds to a natural planetary motion and stimulates specific states of mind. Those states will be verbally enriched through positive suggestions that improve your personal wellbeing. Better motivation, strengthening your health or general increase of awareness and mindfulness are just some examples out of the range of possible goals you can choose. The unique combination of live generated soundscapes by Planetary Cymatic Resonance and verbal suggestions by Jens Kaufmann is a novum in the realm of group hypnosis.


Please bring your yoga mat and a blanket.


Jens Kaufmann:

Jens holds a degree in Master of Psychology and also works as a Healer for Psychotherapy. For more than 15 years he works with hypnosis and he appreciates hypnosis as one of the most effective healing techniques besides Meditation, Yoga and Shamanism.

Hypnosis helps to activate your self-healing powers. If you have direct access to your self-healing powers then you can produce and boost improvement and healing on mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Hypnosis is a deep trance, wich is successfully used since several thousand years to heal mental and physical diseases, as well as to visualize your own positive development. Characteristics for hypnosis are an intense deep relaxation, a highly inward-looking perception and a deep contact to your subconscious.


Planetary Cymatic Resonance:


Planetary Cymatic Resonance is a musical project based on tunings calculated from natural frequencies found in our universe like the movement of planets (planet tones) or the resonances of molecules. Devoted to the human well being and the resonant recalibration of people to their sonar origin, we create a symbiosis between the sound of acoustic and synthesized instruments. Our music is a synthesis between musical expression, scientific calculation, modern technology and ancient wisdom.

Timo Preece - Audio Technologist and Sound Designer

Steffen Günther - Sound Designer and Cosmic Frequency Researcher

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