* Relationship Seeds

Some say we need to heal inside first before we can truly connect with an intimate partner outside. Others say our partnerships are the gateways to heal our inner selves.
In this workshop we set out to integrate the outer and inner relationships we both seek and avoid. Planting the seeds for wholesome relationships into the dawning new year 2020, we work with the polarities of the sexes and the universal energies of the feminine and the masculine.
Whether you already are in deep connection with a partner or whether you long for a new partner, this workshop will help you step into your awakening relationships more clearly and courageously.

Sophie Karbjinski

Sophie is a yogini/ Jivamukti yoga teacher, world traveler, mystic, performance artist and embodied spiritual researcher. She grew up as a child actress, performing on big stages and in front of film cameras from the age of 6. Alongside a degree in Political Science and Philosophy (Bryn Mawr College, USA) with a concentration in Peace, Justice and Human Rights, Sophie has been studying various healing modalities such as yoga & tantra philosophy, contact dance, mindfulness, conscious relating, somatic trauma therapy and thai massage. Her wish is to inspire others toward more authenticity and rawness to become the most fully expressed unapologetic versions of themselves.





Nico Rönpagel

Nico is enthusiastic about novel expressions of wisdom in today’s world of unprecedented complexities and possibilities. Equipped with a PhD in art education (UNSW Australia) and a research-based understanding of the benefits of body-mind practices, he has brought mindfulness to universities, art museums, classical music and various professional environments. A vivid meditator since 2002 and playful dancer and yogi, Nico’s work is fueled by imaginative inquiry, evolutionary philosophy, constellation work and collective intelligence.