*The Edge of We

In this workshop we meet as Buddhas.
We have all tasted that underneath all separation is a larger reality, a unity, nothingness. This workshop is a guided invitation to experience and then drop the boundaries of our separate self into the mysterious space of the sacred Self as We. 

Our available human tools of body, mind and heart not only help us experience individuality but also are gates into unity. We connect and explore using deep and heartening practices that engage vision, language, feeling and touch. 

The intention of this session is to create a trusted environment where participants can gain embodied insights that may extend into and enrich their daily lives and their personal relationships.
 As the workshop facilitators and co-travellers on a spiritual journey, Nina & Nico are delighted to bring their ability to create a safe space that inspires expression of sacred unity and individual uniqueness.


Nina Del Marr left a long career in International Public Health and became a co-founding member of Woven, an organization which supports the formation of circles for women who gather together to support one another to thrive. She absolutely believes in the power of people coming together to learn and share with one another in a safe, open, and non-judgmental way and has seen the transforming power of these type of gatherings.

She leads and trains others to lead circles where open communication and deep connection are focused on and practiced. She has created and hosted conferences and workshops in the US and internationally supporting those seeking the courage to say YES to a life that is consciously chosen.





Nico Roenpagel explores the intersections of contemplative practices, embodied compassion and social transformation. With 15 years of dedicated yoga, dance and meditation experience, Nico has taught yoga and self-evolution to diverse communities on four continents. Holding a Ph.D. in art education, he has creatively integrated mindfulness practices as a university lecturer in Sydney.

Inspired by an awe of nature and the sacredness of each moment, he sees meditation and conscious movement as a powerful path to tap into the wisdom of one's own body and to live from a more courageous heart.