*Authentic Business Relationships Through Mindfulness

Backed by exciting scientific research, we currently see an impressive explosion of mindfulness approaches in organizations and companies of different scales. This workshop brings attention to the forces of bodyfulness and heartfulness that are essential to a complete understanding of mindfulness, which can deepen our professional relationships.
A deep awareness of body and heart are paramount for developing and maintaining authentic connections with self, colleagues, business partners and other stakeholders. Authentic relationships bring into harmony personal flourishing, organizational growth and ethics of global sustainability.
In the workshop we use a variety of meditative, somatic and connection practices.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to integrate their "inner" practice with their "outer" professional reality. It shows how a mindfulness or meditation practice can enrich their everyday life at work - whether in a start-up, corporate context, non-profit or any other professional environment.

Participants will leave with an expanded set of skills on how to bring mindfulness into their professional environments and on how to deepen their relationships with themselves and others.

Equipped with a PhD in art education (UNSW Australia) and a research-based understanding of the benefits of meditation and body-mind interventions, Nico has brought mindfulness to universities, art museums, conferences and other professional environments over the past ten years. His contemplative lens is grounded in his yoga, meditation and dance practice since 2002. Further sources of inspiration and frameworks for his professional action are imaginative inquiry, evolutionary philosophy, constellation work, collective intelligence and wisdom traditions.