*Oneness in motion

On this Saturday evening, we gather to feel, elevate and celebrate oneness. 
*Oneness in Motion* is based on explorative meditation, movement and connection practices, inviting you to experience and expand unity within and beyond - supported by and connected to your body´s wisdom.
We flow from a beautiful circle to guided self-discovery practices and into a delicious free-movement DJ-Set by San Miguel, before concluding this journey with a cosy closing. 
In a safe and mutually respectful space we will...
…connect to our deeper essence beyond gender, age or ethnic background 
…playfully explore and acknowledge polarities 
…identify and move illusionary dogmas 
…inspire conscious, non-dual relating and authentic embodiment
…sharpen our perspective towards fullness and expand our courage to see and be seen
…joyfully dance and sweat together
…let the Saturday moments sink in and make space for what´s ahead 
All is welcome! Or to say it in Rumi´s words: ♥Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.♥

Neda is a non-dual holistic coach, dancer, tantrist, reiki practitioner and yoga teacher, offering her work throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. In individual and group sessions as well as through inspirational speeches she holds space and guides her clients to embrace their truth, transcend into their full potential and pave their own authentic path of love. Neda has 10+ years of experience in advising and coaching individuals and organizations through transformational processes. After leaving her corporate career, she devoted her life to holistic wellbeing, studying and practicing dance and body therapy, energy work, tantra, yoga and meditation. The interconnectivity of ancient cultures and rituals as spirit guided healing sources is an essential part of her learning. She´s deeply connected with Amazonian shamanism, ceremonial traditions and tribal dances, has dived into Asian healing practices in India and Thailand and is currently a passionate student of Sufism and Zar to expand her knowledge of trance and mysticism. 
While Neda´s work integrates her learnings and carries a strong footprint of her own healing journey and non-dual philosophy, her heart is called to empower others in building their personal and unique "magic toolbox”, which enables and supports them to move through this life with clarity, connectivity and courage. 
San Miguel is a master of clashing with the styles and loves to produce his unique sounds with a range of spheric and deep synths, often joined by the richness of acoustic instruments. He invites the listeners to an organic sound scape for vibrational healing, so one can discover previously dormant layers of the heart, and a unity that has no borders: bringing all in and giving all out. His music whirls us into reaching different realms and connecting us back to the universal essence of ALL.
As an creative and outgoing guy he wanted to share his various passions and founded the Berlin record label „Phonothek Records“ as well as „Einfach Liebe“ - a community of different artists and a pool for a variety of events. All in the mission of LOVE. ♥