*Wake The Fuck Up! - Everything is connected

"WakeTheFuckUp!" is an indepent campaign to help re-connect humanity with earth.

In dem Workshop geht es darum zu verstehen, dass alles, aber auch wirklich alles miteinander verbunden ist. Alles ist EINS.

Der Musiker und Entrepreneur MoJoh nimmt euch mit auf eine Reise in eine Welt, die so wunderschön ist, dass es einem ganz warm wird um das eigene Herz.
Basierend auf vielen Erkenntnissen eines Lebens ausserhalb der gesellschaftlichen Norm und hunderten von Gesprächen und Interviews mit inspirierenden Menschen aus aller Welt im Rahmen des WakeTheFuckUp!-Projektes.

Es darf gemEINsam diskutiert & geschwiegen, gesungen & gelauscht, gelacht und geweint werden.
Eines ist sicher: Danach ist die Welt mit Sicherheit etwas schöner.

Das Angebot richtet sich an alle Menschen. Insbesondere an Träumer und Visionäre.  Time to wake up from the dream!
Keine Angst - In diesem Workshop gibt es keine fadenscheinigen und neunmalklugen Konzepte und Theorien - vielmehr geht es darum gemEINsam zu beraten basierend auf unseren Erkenntnissen. Alles ist EINS. Nichts ist ganz.

MoJohMoJoh is a 37-year old singer & songwriter from Planet Earth and founder of WakeTheFuckUp!
He is currently  travelling the world spreading the message of love & light by playing concerts, hosting workshops, organizing beach-clean ups with local communities, visiting kids at local schools and building a network of like-minded people that will continue to grow.

He started his music career in a band called ‘the mainStream’ - a band formed through and one of the first internet collectives ever - a collaboration of multiple artists from all over this planet where he was one of the producers and the lead-singer.

Within 8 years (2004-2012) the band released three albums through their own label and played 400 shows on three different continents with  crowds as big as many as 40 000 people in Italy (2010) to as little as 3 people on an abandoned tennis court in Chile (2009).
When the band finally broke up MoJoh started his solo-career & over the course 5 years he released two self-funded, self produced albums in german language under his alter ego LowmaX.
From 2013-2017 MoJoh founded the conscious HipHop-Band Quest ONE in LA and with help of Jack Johnson's producer Robert Carranza he produced an EP (Stars) and a full album (Synergy) and played tours though Europe +  three tours in the US with shows in prestigious locations such as the iconic Troubadour in West Hollywood as well as The Crest in Sacramento amongst others.

As part of the WakeTheFuckUp!-campaign MoJoh has just started working on ‘EARTH SONGS- an infinite EP’ - again collaborating with different artist from all over the world on songs that are all related to Mother Earth.

You can find these songs and videos on