*Heaven on Earth Yoga

Heaven On Earth Yoga with Leonie & MoJoh is a gentle yoga-class taught by Leonie, accompanied by MoJoh’s music.
In world that continues to spin faster and faster almost every day, slowing things down opens the gates to heaven, a place of love and compassion.

Leonie’s gentle calming voice will guide you into a meditative state where you can rest, recharge and recover.
Experience the beautiful synergy of Yoga & Music, specifically designed to balance your chakras and open your heart.

MoJoh’s uses specific tunings and instruments to allign you with those heart-frequencies.
During class both Leonie and MoJoh channel words and messages connecting with their higher selfs which makes each class a unique one and no class like the other.

Our offers applies to anybody who's interested in experiencing stillness through beautiful synergy of yoga,mediation and music. This class is suitable for all ages.

‘Yoga makes you feel young, wild and free and I think that’s exactly what life should feel like.’
Leonie first got in touch with Yoga at the age of 11.
Since then  it has always accompanied her path.
Practicing Yoga has helped her to connect with her roots and shift perspectives.
Besides Yoga Leonie’s passion is helping people to get more comfortable and connected with their bodies in her job as a holistic massage therapist.
‘Moving your body freely on a daily basis makes your body feel smooth and your soul comfy’

is the former leadsinger of the internationally famous internet collective The MainStream as well as ex-member of the Los Angeles-based conscious hiphop-band Quest One.
After having toured the globe for over a decade with over one thousand shows on four different continents, he finally decided to take part in a yoga-teacher-training in early 2017, something that had a on his mind ever since he started getting in touch with yoga almost 14 years ago. It became a life-changing experience and as of now he is both teaching yoga in his hometown and on retreats as well as continuing his path as a musician.
The beauty of it is: both paths are highly compatible and beneficial to each other. Right now MoJoh is in the studio to record a full length Mantra album with Mantras he has written in service of what he believes to be a divine plan to establish a frequency of love and compassion on this earth.