* Healing Sound Journey

In this journey we release from old programs to free ourselves and unfold our unique beauty... the essence of our soul. We breathe, move and sound in our unique natural rhythm, to celebrate our unique „release-party“. Touched by the power and love of our soul that we all are, we find our true ecstatic expression.
Mitsch´s very unique piano-and voice-based soundhealing-journeys unfold into an organic of-the-moment musical expression that deeply touches the hearts. His constantly developing new-age-minimal-music guides into states of deep connection and can be realized as an opening into a higher consciousness dimension, opening spaces for a deep dive into the inner world.
In this session Gosia will channel the divine source through her voice and will deliver the informations for the groups needs in this particular moment. In the end there´ll be space for individual questions.

This session is for everyone who is open for a deep inner journey, to  face inner truth and being touched by the inner beauty and the connection to the scource.

Please bring your Yogamat, Couchins and blankets, if needed.

Gosia Anna Sereda has the ability to read the energies of people, like their subconscious inner world, emotions & mental believesystems as well as their environment like relationships, family, workspace... She perceives the talents, potentials and soul-structure to support you in creating a lively and senseful life.
During the medial & sensitive session you gain clear insights about your current situation, the main growing steps right now and the present needs of your unique soul energy. As well as activated "shadows" which wanted to be liberated with tools for self-empowerment.

Mitsch Kohn is a sound myst, composer, and music producer. With great empathy he creates deeply touching intuitive sound spaces with his unique piano-playing, his extraordinary shamanic voice and drumming, that invite to deepdive into the subconscious and face the inner truth. Many people report they felt "really home" during a session.