*Body activation

Body Activation is the new healing fitness technique for contemporary culture. Learn how to make more space inside the body, reduce tension, and use a natural approach to movement in order to find greater flexibility, grace, and strength. Taught by Master Dancer/Teacher Michele Kadison. Mat work only. Body Activation helps you find less stressful ways to move through your daily life. Created from Dance, the technique is done on a mat. Each exercise is designed to help you find your highest movement potential while providing you with tools that you can use for all other practices, including sitting at your desk!

Everyone is welcome to the class, no matter your age, weight, or fitness level!

Award-winning Michele Kadison has created a fresh and effective approach to fitness through the knowledge she has gained from decades as a Master Dance teacher in Contemporary Jazz in NYC and throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Japan.  As an experienced performer, teacher, and choreographer, Michele understands the necessity of healing and returning the body to its natural, balanced state.

Bring an open mind and wear clothing you can stretch in!