*Meditative Klangreise aus 1001 Nacht

Dive into an unknown world full of sounds and melodies. Let it take you from the sand of the Sahara trough the countless beaches up to the very last corners of the souks. Experience more than one and half hours of deep relaxation, travelling without moving, enjoying a new and unique music production, a sound journey.

You have the chance to discover the kingdom of Morocco while having your eyes closed by just listening. Each sound landscape is flavoured by original melodies and sounds to guide you into a deep stage of dreaming or meditating.

Everyone is invited to join this atmospheric and energetic session, if willing to relax deeply, to enjoy and to let things go. Stay focused, stay conscious - as soon as you are getting deeper into a state of relaxation and awareness during this auditory journey, you may experience creative visual sceneries connected to your past or visionary imagination.

For me, music and sound has always been the driving force. Starting from staying late in the bed for
listening to music shows on the radio as a kid - up to producing music for some years now.

Since five years I discover different aspects of crafting music. Since I started taking recordings into my productions, I discovered that I can create unique atmospheric fields. This amazed me since ever then, so that I found my niche.

Please bring a mat, blanket and / or pillow to get yourself as comfortable as possible. You are welcome to sit, lay or express yourself in a silent way. Please no talking during this session.

Everyone is welcome, if you willing to relax and let got for a bit.