*The Healing Art of Laughter

The Healing Art of laughter is an approach between laughter yoga, dance, and meditation.
Laughter yoga is a practice of prolonged voluntary laughter, that the body benefits from as from a spontaneous laughter.
"Laughter is liberating, frees you from the inside. Laughing at the human condition and thought patterns is an immediate liberation from the thought itself. Awakening is not a serious business" Eckhart Tolle
"When you laugh, your mind stops! No mind-no trouble-no suffering. The only teaching is laughing and dancing
When there is a problem- laugh it away! When all the problems resolve, what remains is the laughter!"
Papaj- PujaJi


Join one of the best feelings in the world, the deep-rooted belly laugh.
It can bring us together and establish a feeling of ONEness. Everything from a slight giggle to a cry out laughing can change a room of unfamiliarity to a warm family-like atmosphere.
You can achieve lower blood pressure, reduce your stress hormones, work the stomach muscles, improve cardiac health, boost T- cells, release endorphins and overall produce a feeling of happiness and well being.
Smile, Laugh, Dance and live longer!

Mata Sakka is a  Dancer- Dance Teacher- Gesundheit Praktikerin for Shiatsu- Massage therapist- Movement therapist (Yoga and Qigong- mediation and relaxation instructor) and a mother of two daughters.
Originally from Greece and living and working in Berlin since 2002.
Mata's vision is to use different corporal techniques, including hands on praxis, to establish a strong connection between the body, mind and spirit, resulting in healthy living and prevention from disease.

Please bring comfortable clothes and a Yoga mat to sit.