*Authentic Relating  - Sovereignty and Trust in Connection

Authentic Relating is the practice of being real - genuinely connected to yourself (authentic), while freely expressing your uniqueness in connection with others (relating). It allows you to cultivate deeper, more fulfilling and meaningful relationships in any context.  Authentic Relating practices create a safe, intentional space, rooted in play and supported by clear boundaries. They are grounded in our shared humanity, yet bring out the uniqueness in each of us.

This workshop is an alive immersion into some of the core AR practices and principles. It will offer you the opportunity to learn/play with:
~ dropping masks and conditioned relational habits
~ relating with yourself and others from a more authentic expression of your own truth
~ being fully honest while still respectfully, compassionately connected
~ honoring self and other
~ daring to ask for what you (truly) want
~ empathic listening and reflection ways that will likely leave you enlivened, heart and mind opened, deeply connected to yourself and others.

This workshop is for anyone from any walk of life who would like to connect deeper, in more meaningful, alive and fulfilling ways to themselves and others.

Manuela is a course leader and coach for Authentic Leadership and organizational transformation.
Her mission is building bridges through the shared language of human connection across a wide range of backgrounds.

Professionally she has been leading projects and workshops for government institutions, corporate work teams as well as communities and groups looking for creative ways to embrace ongoing change and complex human relationships. She draws from a scientific background (MSc) combined with psychology, creativity and intuition techniques, Design Thinking, NVC as well as over 20 years of mindfulness and meditation practices. Her latest passion is Authentic Relating, for which she has been training as a facilitator and coach with ART International (, Susan Campbell ( and other pioneers in the field.

Please bring comfortable clothes for moving and something to sit on can be helpful.