*Authentic Intimacy - Thriving in Connection

This workshop is an experiential immersion in the art of creating embodied, authentic intimacy – with yourself, with others and with the world.
It is mainly based in Authentic Relating (AR), which is a social technology and playful practice of being real – genuinely connected to yourself, while freely expressing your uniqueness in connection with others.

Authentic Relating practices create a safe, intentional space, rooted in play and supported by clear boundaries. The offer tools for cultivating deeper, more meaningful and fulfilling relationships in any context.


Some of what we'll explore together:

  • homecoming into the body – tuning in with your whole-body intelligence
  • dropping masks and conditioned relational habitual patterns
  • being fully honest while compassionately connected
  • honoring yourself and another in relating
  • deep listening and the art of getting someone's world
  • daring to ask for what you (truly) want
  • the art of creating secure attachment ways that will likely leave you enlivened, heart and mind opened, deeply connected to yourself and others.

Manuela is an embodiment coach and facilitator for Authentic Relating and Leadership as a path to personal and organizational transformation. Her life's mission is about Homecoming; retrieving our true belonging to Self, Life and each other.

Professionally she has been leading transformational projects for teams and organizations for the past 15 years, while also assisting international communities in learning creative ways to embrace complex human relationships. She currently facilitates connection programs for social health NGOs and collaborates with authentic leadership pioneers worldwide. She has been training and co-facilitating with Authentic Revolution, ART International , HeartIQ and TEPP (The Embodied Present Process).