*Raise your voice - Prayer in Unity

I feel very blessed to guide you into a circle of voices to open and close the Agape Zoe Gathering this November. We will connect, deepen and rise our spirits to be prepared for a transformational journey and to remember these uplifting tunes for the colder and darker time of the year.

Let the music inspire you, fill you with love and grace for being alive on this beautiful earth. Sing along, raise your voice and dive deep into the sound that might touch you in the root of your being or inspire you to move freely. You are welcome just as you are!

With my music and sing circles i invite people to (re)connect to the voice of their soul - their true mission in life and purpose within their tribe. Our voice is the channel of our heart and deepest identity. Growing up in a mainly exploitative society we oftentimes unlearn to use our voice from the source of our being or we get hurt along the way and shut down the potential of our free speaking and singing.

I want to remind people of their home, of the aliveness within themselves. Still, free and filled with abundant love.

Makantao lives in Berlin. The singer and songwriter calls himself a "World-Citizen". Already at an early age, he set off on the quest for finding answers to life's big questions. He found them through a strong spiritual connection. From Eastern teachings to Shamanism, different perspectives shaped his path and his connection to "God". Today, he hosts seminars and workshops. As a holistic coach, he supports people through energetic processes and touches their hearts with music. Together with his musician friends, Makantao creates an energetic and deeply touching mix between World Music and Circle Songs in celebration of life itself! 

Bring your voice and open heart as well as the willingness to let go. During my sessions you can freely connect with yourself: Just listen, sing or even move yourself along. Beside that, feel free to bring everything you need to feel comfortable and in tune.