*Freedom of Voice Ceremony

Starting off as a Sing-Circle we will go way deeper during this journey. I'm inviting you into a space with yourself, reconnecting to your inherent nature. Guiding you into a deep heart transformation, i will help you to let go of structures and experiences that have kept you small and hiding yourself. Connecting with others, we will experience all this love we carry inside in an outside mirror and see, feel and get in touch with the mystery of love. Enjoy this journey and sing your heart.

This workshop is for everybody who loves to connect with singing. Even if you are shy to sing, feel very welcome. I guiding people into a journey, where they can learn to trust and let go of fear and self-restraint. My connection to shamanic work will carry you deeper into the process of surrender and help you to connect to yourself and others and at the same time free your voice.

Makantao lives in Berlin and hosts voice-circles, concerts and workshops all over Germany. As a holistic coach, he supports people through energetic processes and touches their hearts with music. In search of answers, he found a deep contact with spirituality already at a young age. Eastern teachings, Shamanism as well as Voice- and Bodywork, different perspectives shaped his path and his experience of unity. "I want to remind people of their home, of the aliveness within themselves. Still, free and filled with abundant love.“

Bring curiosity, your body, your voice, an open heart and everything that makes you comfortable like a seat cushion, yogamatt or blanket.