*Plant Devas and the inner holiness

Plant Devas and the Inner Holiness.

Workshop and Meditation 

The question of what is inside and what is outside gets truly interesting when we leave the realms of matter. But even in the plains of form, once we eat something, it becomes us. And what does it mean?

Plants have come to earth long before humans did. Their collective knowledge and consciousness reaches further than we can imagine in the timeless and spaceless realms of our existence. 

In so called 'plant dietas' you connect to the spirit of a plant. May it be the rose or the birch tree. Soon enough you realise that each plant is its own being. They have their own frequency and can help us on all levels of existence. Camomile soothes tummy aches and the smell of lavender supports us to fall asleep and then there is so much more input we receive on a daily basis from the worlds of plants except that mostly we do not recognise.

If only we remember how to listen, we can learn what inner guidance means and distinguish, which inner conclusions are actually guided from 'the outside' inside of us.

Das Höchste

Suchst du das Höchste, das Größte? Die Pflanze kann es dich lehren:

Was sie willenlos ist, sei du es wollend – das ists!

Friedrich von Schiller

As being human, many have forgotten that we are nature as much as everything around us is. Once we reconnect and understand that the same awareness shines through all form, may it be a human body, a plant or a stone we realise that we are in constant exchange with everything around us.  

This workshop and meditation is an entry for you to reconnect to the worlds of the plant devas and to see that we have never been separated. Let us enter the cosmic garden together...

Magdalena von Saleski has travelled the inner realms for many years. With the guidance of spiritual teachers like Mari Nil and Nityananda, some plant teachers and yearly long practices of Yoga and Meditation, she has entered states of consciousness which she had almost forgotten that they exist. The gift of remembering made her decide to put herself in service to help others on their journey of expansion. Integrity and a rooted existence in her human life are essential for her work.

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