*Tribal Shake

Once we´ve  danced as a tribe in circles to connect to pray to prepare to initiate.  Dancing was one of the biggest tool to shift energy and be aligned with the micro- and macro cosmos. We still have this information in our cell and muscle memory.
We gonna travel along these pathways of movement who are still there and since back in time in our intelligent body.
With a dash of an urban taste, we will explore the variety of the feminine and the masculine essence in its uniqueness and connect with deeper wisdom of our human kind.

A class full of rythme and constant earthy, proud, flowy, wavy, circeling movements with an awareness of our senses until we connect with the inner self, the natural intuitive sensitivity- a deep and unforgettable presence.

Everybody is invited! who loves to dance 🙂

Lia (Berlin) is a passionate dancer and a dedicated dance teacher, she is also a singer and performer, heartful communicator, energy worker and coach. At home in her body, she inspires a deep connection in those who witness her move. Amongst her lifelong passions of mastering dances from around the world, Lia studied  Belly Dance, Rajasthani Gypsy Dance, Afro Carrebean, Release Technique, Qigong, Contact Improvisation, and fell in love with Dancehall, Hip Hop, and other progressive urban styles.