*Downtempo Yoga Flow - Intro to the Laws of the universe accompanied by Organic Beats from DJ INTICHE

We start by introducing the universal laws to you - to become a deeper sense how the universe works and how you can use and integrate those laws into your life. This Downtempo Yoga Flow is more than just Yoga Asana, but a deep journey guided by our movement, focus and breath into deep dimensions of yourself.
Yin and Swara Yoga inspired - Downtempo Flow, accompanied by live organic beats from DJ Intiche. He uses different instruments and organic, electronic beats to align you with healing frequencies. During this session both Leonie and Intiche channel  their offerings, words and messages, to give to the audience what is needed in this current moment - this makes every class unique and different. Leonie and Intiche got to know at Agape Zoe a few years ago and wanted to create some magic together this time. We are creating a highvibe space for you to connect with yourself, level up, accept, let go, transform and plant seeds through your yogapractice and healing beats.

Everybody is welcome.

Leonie Nehr
Yoga and Meditation instructor, Holistic Therapist.
Leonie has been teaching on different international festivals, organizes and leads retreats and seminars, combining Yoga and transformation-journeys through working with the Quantumfield. In her yoga classes Leonie creates a safe, high vibe space and takes you on a holistic journey of your being, to let you feel more and more your core being. Through her practice as a therapist in holistic/quantum field therapy, you can engage in a deep yoga class on all levels.

Considered one of the pioneers of electronic organic music. the celebrated DJ and producer proclaims his “passion for music began some past lives before this one”. Nevertheless, it’s in the last twenty years of this life that the Organic DJ and producer has made considerable impact.
From an acoustic starting point, Intiche’s compositions find inspiration in Pachamama and earthy frequencies. Using traditional instruments, native to Latin America, Intiche’s trance-like productions deftly traverse history, weaving links between ancient indigenous cultures and modern cultures. Intiche’s music intends to “touch the soul” as much as make people dance and, accordingly, you’re just as likely to find him playing around the world in ceremonies, yoga festivals, healing gatherings and of course “Ecstatic Dances” .
In his own words, „Music serves as a bridge to connect deeply to the source, with lots of playfulness through the magic of frequencies and vibrations.“