*Contact Beyond Contact

Contact Beyond Contact (CBC) is a dance and healing practice that integrates Authentic Movement (AM), Contact Improvisation (CI) and Passing Through (PT) with profound practices of qigong, yoga, healing modalities and energy work, mindfulness, leadership skills, somatics, and principles of behaviorism, as well as the philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism. These practices are well-woven together to create a holistic integration of the Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. CBC provides a safe container where you can express, trust and transform by honoring your personal boundaries and the boundaries of others. The practice takes each individual into account and all bodies and people of varying professional, cultural and religious backgrounds are welcome. It is a practice of being in your own body whilst being with others —that ignites true presence, listening, creativity, connection, and community.

Please bring a bottle of water and comfortable clothes.

Lenka has been studying different conscious movement modalities over the past 5 years. After experiencing healing benefits of Contact Beyond Contact (CBC) she studied with Van Legakis, the creator of the practice, and facilitated CBC sessions in Mexico, Portugal, Germany and Czechia. She believes that through tapping into the wisdom of our body and having the courage to meet deeper layers of ourselves, we embark on the journey of personal transformation and are able to meet ourselves and others from the place of compassion, openness and love.