*Love by Human Design

Human Design is a personality assessment system and a combination of several spiritual wisdoms and modern quantum science. This workshop will be an introduction to the system and will provide some basic understanding of your personal chart. You will understand your general energy type as well as the strategy that goes along with it. Furthermore, you will find out your right way of making holistic decisions. As this class is focussed on love and relationships we will also explore what you need in relating with others and how you bond.

This workshop is open to everyone who is open to explore oneself more. As this class is being held in English, a basic understanding of the language is necessary.

Leandra has a background as a hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner and soundhealer and was working with individual clients, as well as on festivals and with groups. When Human Design entered her life, she knew it was her purpose to teach it to people. Leandra gives readings to individual clients, has taught on world known festivals, such as sundream and gave single and partner sessions in high class wellness resorts in Mexiko. She´s also the founder and host of "The Human Design Podcast"

In order to participate in all activities during this workshop, it is essential to know your exact date, time and location of birth.  Please also bring a smartphone, so you´ll be able to calculate your chart in the session.