*Piano Dream Soundscape

Inner doorways to subconscious levels open up with smooth live piano music. The socalled dreamscapes are receptive with repetitive patterns within the music and additional electronic soundscapes. Entrance to a meditative state comes easy as our mind finds a way to calm down and relax while observing those patterns. The touch of the soft hammers on the strings of the wing gives us vibrations for warmhearted feelings. In this workshop, you are invited to do nothing. Just relax and enjoy the journey after a filled weekend of joy and growth.

This workshop is open to everyone from dreamer to monkey mind, dancer to gourmet, thinker to maker, mover to chiller. There are no requirements but the joy of receiving music within your self.

Laura Weider is a regular visitor on earth as well as in other dimensions. Music is her bridge between the worlds and a key to remember and combine the states of being. She plays at healing festivals as well as electronic music festivals and gives solo concerts. She is also sharing her knowledge of meditative improvisation in private courses and composes music for movies.

Feel free to bring a cosy blanket, a book to draw in, your favourite drink, anything that makes you feel comfy. If you are still in the mood to move your body, you are also welcome to bring what you need to stretch your senses.