*The temple of the priestess - women circle

„We cannot align with our nature because our true nature is not linear.“

A magical journey to connect to all aspects of the goddess, ourselves and life itself.
In sacred ceremony we call in the divine aspects of the child, the lover, the mother, the crone, air, fire, water and earth as we circle through the cardinal directions and explore the deep connection to ourselves and all there is. We pray and we dance, we evoke and we embody, in the tradition of the priestesses before us.

We are the priestesses of this time.
This is our temple.

Larissa is a dedicated teacher of modern mystical ascension practices.
She is deeply rooted in the wisdom of the celtic wheel of the year and has a natural, deep connection to the inner child.

She follows the path of the priestess and serves and guides people on their own paths through the illusion of separation into oneness.
For several years she has been offering tantric breathwork, ceremonies and workshops on various topics such as magical practices, ancestral work, shadow work, Kali initiations, shamanic drumming and spiritual tattooing.