*Shake & Wake

The early morning sun, the fresh mind and day about to unfold ahead of us - mornings are beautiful... join us and roll out the fuzz, warm up the body, invigorate the system and move your body setting yourself up for a wonderful day.

We move, stretch, shake and roll, our hips, legs, arms and spine to music, with freedom and curiosity. The class starts with a grounding breathing exercise before moving onto stretches, dynamic movements and free play dance and gyration.

All set to music and lead in a light-hearted manner, allowing you the freedom to do what feel right for your body.

Concept inspired by  music, rhythm and dance, moving meditation practice, Yoga, Qi-Gong and of course the body!

The experience offers people the opportunity to release some tension, explore movement, disconnect from the mind and feel the body. In this time you will have the chance to move in a way that feels good, bring some warmth and heat to the muscles, take your limbs and hips through ranges of motion and connect your movements to music. It is playful, perhaps somewhat silly and designed to wake you up and be ready for the day ahead.

I am Holistic Personal Trainer, Tibetan Buddhist, a home studier of Contemplative Psychotherapy, booty shaking bedroom dancer who is deeply interested in the power of meditation and Yoga Nidra in releasing stress and tension in our lives. I enjoy designing fitness classes that are fun, light-hearted and leave the ego at the door. I want to work with the body in a playful, mindful and respectful way that helps people understand it, love it and look after it.

Please wear loose clothing that you can move freely in and are not restricted by; Clothing that allows you to jump jiggle roll and shake.x