*Ipsalu Tantra Bliss Formula

There is a method, unique to Ipsalu Tantra, for attuning to Bliss. It is a formula that works in all circumstances, if you are willing to relax into it. It quickly brings groups of strangers into a loving blissful connection, as well as couples, especially when they combine the practice with their lovemaking. It brings an individual into Bliss at any time, in any place. The practice includes some of the most powerful techniques in the world, drawn from several tantric traditions as yogic, Taoist, Tibetan & Osho. These exercises promote healing, health, vitality, joy, peace, pleasure, deeper intimacy, consciousness and connections.There are many methods of arousing sexual energy without sexual activity, including breathing practices, bandhas (body locks) or dance and movement. In this workshop it will be taught how to use this life force for spiritual advancement. Experiencing union and oneness through energy.
Level: suitable for singles, couples and also beginners
Duration: approximately 1h 30-2h
There is No nudity

The aim of presenting this workshop is to introduce the theory and practice of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and what it can do to the body. It is addressed to participants who want to experience their body’s capability to generate a unique & special energy and then learn how to shift & transmute that energy. It is a message to humanity about long forgotten ancient teachings that have the power to bring the Light into the Darkness and awareness into taboos, transforming daily experiences into healing and penetrating presence.

Rainbow Free spirit, natural healer of many paths of life. Born in Czech Republic. Hatha and Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher, Shiatsu Thai massagist, Biodynamic breath and trauma release practitioner, Reiki & Deeksha giver, Initiated into plant medicine paths with Huichol and Shipibo tribes.

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