*Ipsalu Tantra Bliss Formula

Ipsalu Tantra has a unique method for attuning to Bliss. It is a formula that works in all circumstances, if you are willing to relax into it. It quickly brings groups of strangers into a loving blissful connection, as well as couples, especially when they combine the practice with their lovemaking. It brings an individual into Bliss at any time, in any place.
The practice includes some of the most powerful techniques in the world, drawn from several tantric traditions as yogic, Taoist, Tibetan & Osho, Promoting healing, health, vitality, joy, peace, pleasure, deeper intimacy, consciousness and connections.

The structure:
1. In the first part of the workshop, we will open a space to talk about Tantra & Sacred Sexuality,
and we perform Ipsalu Tantra Bliss Formula.
The essence of the formula to make the core of daily practice is the sequence that creates the magic. There are many methods of arousing sexual energy without sexual activity, including breathing practices, bandhas (body locks) , dance and movement. In this part it will be taught transmutation breath, through which we learn how to use this life force for spiritual advancement. Experiencing union and oneness through energy.

2. In second part, we open the Heart Space where we interact with each other through a choreographed program - eye gazing, couple sense dance, contact improvisation, group games
- recognizing and honoring the divine in ourselves and each other. The interaction is very heartfelt and playful, sensual, non-sexual. In this part we will experience a glimpse of living in bliss...being in Namaste, living in Namaste.
- no nudity, beginners, singles, couples

Katerina is a free spirit and a natural healer of many paths of life. She is a Hatha and Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher, BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release Practitioner, Shiatsu Thai massage therapist, Reiki & Deeksha giver, and she’s been initiated into plant medicine paths with Huichol and Shipibo tribes.
In her workshops and sessions, Katerina combines transformational powers of Biodynamic breath with Tantra, ancient kriya yoga practices, Osho teachings, and shamanic rituals.
She organises Tantra retreats, Breathing ceremonies and gives one-on-one BBTRS sessions. She loves collaborating with talented healers, teachers, musicians, shamans and artists, with the intention to create safe spaces for conscious transformation, beauty, love and inter-connectedness of all. She is based half-year in Berlin and the other half she travels with her workshops to different parts of the world, mainly to Mexico, Peru and India.



Sprout Love has been exploring Shibari, Tantra, Taoism and Ancient Temple Arts both as a student and a facilitator.
Trained in Sexual Shamanism, Shibari, Shadow Work, Tantra and currently training in Somatic Sexological Bodywork
With no goal as to being the guru, simply sharing embodiement practices, through ropes,through intimacy and through surrender.
Opening up to expanded empowered views of kink/tantra and sacred sexuality.