*Yoga Thinking

This workshop helps you to gain more clarity on an important topic in your life. In a mindful and co-creative space you will have the chance to take the first steps of a focused change process.

These steps will be 1) Creating awareness of what is a relevant topic in your life right now, 2) gaining a deeper understanding of what it's really about, 3) finding inspiration and developing first ideas to solve this challenge.

Yoga Thinking combines Yoga asanas, pranayama and meditative elements with creativity techniques and problem solving methods from Design Thinking, in order to unleash the full creative potential of your soul through the holistic and balanced activation of body and mind and co-creative exchange.

Please bring your personal challenge, a yoga mat, pen & paper. No previous yoga experience needed.

Lisa: Yoga-Teacher, Design Thinker, Human Researcher and Interior Designer - for rooms & people 😉
Karl: Physicist, Teacher and Group Dynamics Artist

The Yoga Thinking Team's purpose is to bring more love and happiness into the world by helping humans to connect better with themselves and others. To unleash creative potential and solve small and big problems in a mindful and co-creative way.

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Homepage: www.yoga-thinking.com