Julie Sundara offers a Satsang ( truth ) She   will use her intuitive gift to answer questions that participants come up and ask.... her innate ability to gently locate the root block is expressed and the information discovered beneficially affects  the person  before her as well as the entire group ... Julie delivers these universal truths through humorous grace and intellectual explanations so that the mind can interpret the energetic transmissions.. Live HARP music with Andy Aquarius will set the tone !

This workshop is For anyone looking to raise their vibration, understand why there are blocks on their life, deeper knowledge of the energy body, law of attraction and how magic and wonderful you really are !! And / Or for Harp music lovers !

Julie Sundara is an internationally known Healer, Motivational Speaker and Senior Yoga Instructor ... she has worked with thousands of people world wide to uplift, re-balance, manifest and restore a deep and infinite connection to themselves as the divine creator and blessed being they naturally are
She works with energy and humour to deliver the teachings and helaing transmissions

You don’t need anything except if you’d like to write down some questions to be asked.