*La Luna Dance

The Goddesses live within us and express themselves through us, each woman carries within herself the archetypes of the Goddess who accompany her in life ...
We move inside looking for the connection that attracts us the most, calling our Goddess, connecting with the luminous and rooted qualities that each archetypes give us.
To the rhythm of music that takes us to an encounter full of understanding that the Goddesses never left and they have always been here for us to be honored.
Our Sacred Body is a wonderful instrument to go to the discovery of the Sacred that lives within us.
we dance for us...
we breath and relax our mint.
We invite our body and soul to dance ... enjoy the divine preens in you.

I am Juana Lucia, i born in Colombia and live in Germany ,as a dancer and dance therapist (BMC).
I went to find the union of body and spirit in movement, using different techniques and the wisdom of the body and learning to listen to the language of the soul that is expressed through the Dance and in the work with the Ancestral Feminine. I learned contemporary dance, flamenco, Body mint centering. I work as an apprentice of the Grandmothers of different traditions of South and Central America who have supported me in the awakening of feminine knowledge and as a human being so I can share it today with Women in my circles of feminine empowerment with all people that ask me for support in the awakening .
Now as a project  I dedicate myself to develop the Sacred Dance, the Dance of the Goddess.

Please bring:
-cushion to sit
-thin blanket
-white candle
-Comfortable clothes and a medium long skirt that allows to move

*the best intention to fall in love with your being*