*The Arts of Touch

The Arts of Touch workshop presents a gentle and and nurturing experience of the various arts of experiencing & giving human touch - energetic, mental, emotional &/or physical.  In a safe group environment we explore flow states. Here is the space to get to know & deepen the richness that is possible when we surrender to aware, slow connection with ourselves, our bodies and others'.

This workshop is designed for body positive people and those who want to become one. An open mind, a healthy amount of self-acceptance and curiosity about your potential as an incorporated human being  are prerequisites.





Joe Jung has been studying, professionally practicing & teaching bodywork & massage for over a decade in Berlin & around Europe.  He is a trained facilitator with focus on embodiment & lighthearted learning modalities. Amongst others he is the head of Alma Massage Berlin.

Bring a mat & blanket.
Warm socks & comfy movement friendly clothes recommended.