*Soul flowing dance practice

Allow your sensation to move you.

Allow your intuition to guide you.

Allow your creative imagination to lead you.

Allow your essence life-force energy to dance you.


Fly and float freely with the feather wings of imagination and sensation,

and navigate the adventurous journey with flow.


The flow is in the process, not in the outcome.

The flow exists only at each present moment.

The flow state of being happens when being present.


Jodie Judy Lu YingChu’s kinaesthetic dance practice is informed and influenced by Skinner Releasing Technique and Eva Karczag’s dance practice. In this practice, she applies poetic imagery and verbal guidance, and the tactile hands-on touch work, to work on the psychophysical body-mind relationship, where participants reach the deeper states to change, transform and integrate. In this deeper state, participants let go of conscious control and old patterns, to absorb the poetic imagery on the alpha state, to be attentive to present sensation from tactile work, to have perception of the inner body landscape, and to move kinaesthetically from the sensation, imagination and intuition. In this state, the innate creative expression is liberated, imagination occurs with creative intuition and sensorial perception, as the essence life-force energy leading participants to dance. It is in this state of being that participants are transformed, where they feel they are danced rather than they are making efforts to dance, therefore, participants become the image, and the perception. It is human organism that everyone can dance and move with ease and

grace. In this flow state of being, participants are present at every moment, expressing their own unique creativity, and dancing with their essence life-force

energy. Along the whole investigative process, some body wisdom, artistic creation wisdom and life wisdom is recognised, realized and embodied, which is to trust the unknown and allow the process to unfold, making participants shift from outcome-oriented to process-oriented. It is concluded that the flow is in the process, and the flow only exists at each present moment. Therefore, the flow state of being happens when being present. And in the end, the anatomical skeleton structure becomes creative and imaginative expression with freedom.

Further info:

Video (please be aware that this video is not for demonstration as everyone creates

their own individual soul flowing dance):


Jodie/YingChu is an interdisciplinary dance artist from Taiwan working

nomadically as a creator, dancer, maker/choreographer, performer, collaborator, facilitator/teacher, researcher, and healer. Creating is the core spirit of her practice, with the emphasis of kinaesthetic experiences along the process of ecountering, connecting, and crafting. With her clairvoyant and sensitivity in senses, very naturally she delves into sensations and perceptions in the field of phenomenology and the body-mind relationship by weaving the thinking-body through dancing, moving, and embodying. She has created the Soul Flowing Dancing Practice with her achievement of the MA Creative Practice (Dance Professional Practice) awarding by Independent Dance, Siobhan Davies Dance, and Trinity Laban in London in the UK. She is grateful for serving the humanity with her soul mission integrating dancing art, healing art (vibrational energy work) and living art (permaculture), and dedicating to honor the divine universe.

facebook: Jodie Judy Lu YingChu