*Embodied Superpower

The mindset of having to fix ourselves because we're broken or not enough or not yet who we want to be is often a reason why we don't fully embrace ourselves and others in love. Yet when we come in contact with our inner power and natural talents, we discover a space so vast and so energetic, so powerful, it allows us to finally feel and embody ourselves.

We are gifted with a spectrum of emotions and an awareness for our body, mind and heart. I invite you to come meet yourself - an encounter that supports you to move through life in all your beauty and challenges. Come into this space to empower yourself and with that hold space for your fellow humans to do the same. Build a connection to your inner world through feeling, writing and movement. Let's get curious about our potential, the possibilities that rest within us.

We will harness the powers of our emotions, especially the ones we perceive as unpleasant. We will sit with the magical moments in our lives and our resources that made them possible. We will discover what we are able to give to each other in lightness. And in the grand finale of our time together, we will embody what we discovered through movement and breath and genuinely celebrate the ability to trust ourselves to be moved.

Jette works as a Coach internationally. She specializes in Emotional Intelligence, empowerment and self expression with the intention to awaken our hearts in empathy for creativity is an act of love and will build a solid foundation for us to be in community. She weaves the wisdom of restorative practices about how to create a safe space within our own nervous system together with an intellectual understanding of how we perceive our reality. This knowing is enriched by the somatic, nonverbal experience of our emotional landscapes both consciously and unconsciously through the practice of Fluentbody, founded by Florencia Lamarca in Berlin.

Bring curiosity and something to write.

This workshop will be held in english. However for the intention to be radically inclusive, I am happy to kick it with you in both german and english.