*Piano Prayers meets Bansuri

©Dragan - Visual Arts

Be part of two delightful instruments improvising - Piano & Bansuri, when different worlds interwove in a sublime and joyful dance - and may magic moments just rain upon you!


©Dragan - Visual Arts

Roy Sunak has learned the bansuri flute and has been trained in Hindustani classical music by Sameer Rao in the lineage of Hariprasad Chaurasia. Prior to his studies in India, he has learnt Jazz in New York and Israel, where he collaborated with different artists in various projects. He has performed in different festivals around the world and is based in Berlin since 2017.





©Grit Siwonia
With his SobolewSounds Ivan runs integrative, kind of „spiritual“ and multi-sensual events like "Klaviermeditationen - PianoPrayers“, „Kakaophonie“, „Piano, Love & Wine“ for the sake and deep pleasure of human bodies and souls. Ivan Sobolew is a pianist, composer and entertainer based in Berlin with a Russian origin.