*Piano Prayers

Behutsame und starke Klavierklänge, die unter die Haut gehen: Du bist eingeladen zu Deiner ganz persönlichen Reise, begleitet von Klavier-Improvisationen, Tee und Kerzenlicht. Ob im Tanzen, Zeichnen, oder einfach nur stillem Dasitzen - lass uns miteinander Qualitätszeit genießen.

Ivan Sobolew ist ein in Berlin lebender Pianist, Komponist, Performer und Kulturwissenschaftler.
Gentle and powerful piano sounds which get under your skin: You are invited to a very personal journey accompanied by piano improvisations, tea and candle light. Be it dancing, writing, relaxation or just inner silence - let us share some quality time… It is your quality time.
Ivan Sobolew is a pianist, composer and performer from Berlin.




„As the sound is the major source of manifestation it is a mystery in the same time;
and who has the knowledge of the sound knows the secret of the universe.
My music is my thoughts and my thoughts are my feelings.
The more I immerse into the ocean of my feelings
the more beautiful are the pearls that I carry within me as tone and melody.

My music is my religion and thus the success of the world
can never be a just price for it; my only aim is to reach perfection. The music that I carry within me does not serve for entertainment
but is a call for harmony, which unifies our souls with God.“

Prayer from "Ciranda Poim Poim“ Songbook