*Heart Healing & Soul Journey

I’d love to invite you to this special and wonderful Heart Healing &
Soul Journey to heal and open our hearts.

Everyone seems to be wounded on the level of the heart, with bigger or smaller stories we carry within. We might carry stuck emotions, transgenerational patterns or pain from the collective consciousness. Unfortunately, these blocks also keeps out the love and the intimacy we seek so deeply to nourish our souls and find our soul mates that bring us, love, support and harmony.

Through healing over the Light it is possible to let go of these blocks and allow old, stuck energies to leave your system. You´ll start resonating on the frequency of unconditional love and implement wisdom in your being to have the discernment who to let in and who to leave out. Old attachments have the possibility to be gently dissolved and we move forward in new a new paradigm. A wonderful paradigm where we establish new relationship dynamics with our parents, loved ones and even colleagues and allow abundance and joy to flow into our lives.

⊹ Restoring love & trust
⊹ Balancing of the heart & sacral chakra
⊹ Removal of foreign energies
⊹ Release of old, stuck emotional patterns
⊹ Forgiveness
⊹ Gratitude

This healing circle is for everyone who is open to let go and receive deep healing and transformation. The session will help you deepen your spiritual practice on any level. You have the opportunity to  truly work on yourself and free yourself from any self-destructive patterns. You set yourself free to find your center, your inner strength, your beauty, your grace, your potential and your Soul.

Gulschen is an international, renowned healer & coach based in Amsterdam, who works in a variety of countries such as Bali/Indonesia, Brazil, India, Ibiza/Spain, Russia and Sweden. She specialises in reconnecting a person to oneself through meditation, healing, breath work, qigong and inspirational talks. During her healing sessions much transformation is possible, and with experience of over 18 years she lovingly empowers all people to stand in their strength and move into a joyful and fulfilling life.

Please wear clothing your body can easily move and breathe in ⊹ bring a yoga mat (and if possible a pillow or block to sit on) ⊹ socks + scarf when easily cold ⊹ if you like bring sacred objects or crystals to clean and charge.