*Set Yourself Free: A taste of Pelvic Heart Integration

Pelvic Heart Integration is a comprehensive system for understanding and harmonizing the whole person, in our intimate relationships with ourselves and others.  It is a unique and powerful synthesis of neo-Reichian breathwork, bodywork, psycho-drama, trauma work, energy work and tantra.  

Through a guided meditation and different embodied exercises, we will lightly explore our relationships with ourselves, our concepts about others and relationships.  We will learn the 4-part breath cycle together, which is a powerful practice in itself to ground, charge, express and feel alive!

This exploration is especially interesting for those who sometime feels confusing fears, emotions, or stories holding them back from coming into contact, trust or connection.  Often, these subconscious reactions are related to deep believes about oneself and the world formed from childhood patterns.

Gregory Fung was being trained in PHI by the late Dr. Deborah Anapol and brings his experience exploring and integrating techniques from yoga, massage, tantric meditation, conscious kink, body dearmouring, Gestalt dialoging, and for creating a safe relaxing space of deep presence.  Having grown up in Vancouver, Canada, he balances his work  as engineer with healing. In Berlin, he offers personalized sessions for emotional exploration and release, meditative and breath coaching, and energetic bodywork.

Please bring your notebook and a pen, and wear comfortable clothing so you can breath and move freely.