*Your voice your soul

Your voice is your essence, it gives information, breathing is the most important action we have as humans, it allows you to learn to listen to your self.

You don't have to be a singer to take part on the workshop. It will be a journey to connect and explore through your voice and your body.

This workshop could help you to liberate stuck energy in your 
throat,body and mind, have a better breathing habit and discover the power of your voice.


To everyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of the voice and connecting with it. To everyone who wants to experience sound a body connection without judgement. Open for everyone, you don’t have to be a singer.

About Graciela María: 

Graciela has 18 years of voice experience, she comes from the theater formation and many years of singing training with different teachers in Mexico City and Berlin, since 2008 she has been practicing Yoga and meditation, definitely a breakthrough in her whole body/voice consciousness. In 2009 she started her musical journey as a performer and composer here in Berlin. At the beginning of 2017 she felt the urge to transform her creative energy and started giving individual voice sessions, they are 'sessions' because the approche it's not only on the technical side, but a mixture of the different techniques and the inmediate experience of feeling your body conecting with the sound.

Please bring comfortable clothing and a ball (like a tennis ball or something similar).