*TranceMutation - solo cello flow journey

In TranceMutation an ever shifting meditative flow of sound is created, guiding the audience through sound- and landscapes influenced by the artist's original compositions, classical and world music and the inspiration of the moment and space in which it's unfolding.
It is an unique blend of genres played on an unexpected instrument, presented in a rare individual sound, mixing melodies and rhythms from Eastern Europe, Turkey, Middle East and India.

The concert is open to everyone and will be especially suiting for those who love the sound of the cello, interested in world music and ready to immerse in a meditative inner journey.

Gábor plays the cello since he was 7 and first tasted improvisation 16 years ago. Slowly his musical attention shifted towards world music and more meditative, psychedelic and conscious traditions of playing. TranceMutation has been a wildly evolving and highly rewarding journey in the last 4 years while being the founder of the world fusion collective Khayâl and collaborating with various dancers and musicians in Berlin, Amsterdam and Budapest.
Gábor keeps on (re)searching, observing and experimenting as part of his commitment to constant development.

Nothing specific is required to join, although for the fullest and most comfortable experience you might want to have your mat and a blanket to comfortably lay down and relax into the journey.