*The Magic of the Voice, the Prayer of the Heart - Singing Circle

Felipe invites you to a special time and space where sound will be the medium to reach the entire universe.  Felipe will share with you songs of diverse ancestral backgrounds, that hold the key to manifest beauty, peace and harmony. Songs that are secrets to communicate with nature, with father-mother spirit, with the infinite wisdom within and without. "Singing is a powerful practice that my Muisca elders call cantOfrendar (chantPray)". Bring your drums, rattles, strings, brass, all you want, but make sure you bring your voices ready. And please, if you think you are not a good singer, make sure you come. It will give you a new approach to unleash the power of your truth which is expressed through the voice.

Felipe Pyky’ba Tyba, comes from the Muyskwa indigenous tradition in the Andean mountains of Colombia. He is guardian of the seed of the heart and works in the recomposition of inner-self-governance through ceremonies and workshops. He is the representative of the international council of the Muyskwa community of Fowe. Musician and filmmaker, Felipe is cultural director of CloudClan e.V. and Herman Schulz Cafe in Berlin, with whom they deliver projects that strengthen the ancient wisdoms and the care of Nature. 

You can come in comfortable clothes. Be ready to lay down as much as to stand up and dance.


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